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Welcome to the Satanme Pact Program

23 Oct 2023
Welcome to the Satanme Pact Program
Ever wanted to Sell your Soul? Make a contract with the Devil? Well step right up, now's your chance!!!!
The Satanme Pacts Program ... Satanic Loyalty was never so Sinful!!!
Think of it this way... you basically sell your soul to a company when you purchase items, so why not get some real benefits when you enter in to those contracts? Well, welcome to Satanme Pacts... you earn Pacts (Points) for each order (and other activities) which you can "sign away" to receive a "Contract" which becomes a discount or free shipping or a very limited edition item worth more than your soul!!!
Also, these contracts are stackable - meaning if you have another discount (like the CoS Member discount) it will stack on that.
This is a Sinfully fun way to shop on Satanme and enjoy the benefits! Its not quite ready yet but I will let you in on a secret, starting yesterday, Pacts were being made (meaning orders and activities were already counted on accounts).
Do you really need to shop anywhere else? We are beginning to see my real vision for Satanme unfold! A truly Satanic LifeStyle!!!
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