About Satanme

In order to truly sum this up properly, we need to take a walk down Memory Lane. In 1996, the domain satannet.com was registered and went online, becoming the premier Satanic Website on the Internet, gaining two million visits a day. It was built from the reconstruction of Magister Frost’s first project, Satan’s Playground – the World of Satanism. Satannet.com became the home for the Satanic Network, and the primary source for information on Satanism and the Church of Satan. The Satanic Network has always been designed as a place to gain knowledge and to communicate with like-minded Satanists. It featured articles from many members including those in our Hierarchy, a message board for communicating with each other, and the most important part of this story, an online shopping page which allowed for easy access to Satanic Products from all over the world. Originally this store was called the Devil’s Black Market, which was just a listing of all the addresses to order products in one central location. As technology progressed, it was re-named the Satannet Plaza and Satanists had the ability to order products online. The “Plaza” became quite successful but the function and purpose of the main Satannet.com website evolved, as the Church of Satan published the Official Church of Satan website (with Magister Frost serving as technical advisor for this groundbreaking project). Satannet became a hub for all Satanic Communication, a chatroom, message board, personal point-to-point phone service between members, and more. So, the idea of the Satannet Plaza had to change.

In 2003, the Church of Satan Emporium was born. Magister Frost branched off the shopping part of the Satanic Network and built it into its own online entity. The Church of Satan Emporium was the first of its kind, a stand-alone shopping site where you could purchase dozens and dozens of Official Church of Satan Products made by Magister Frost and other Church of Satan Members from all over the world. The CoS Emporium was designed to help Church of Satan Members find products to enrich their lives while also providing an easy way for members who made products to sell them in an easy, productive way…. And it worked amazingly!

But time marches on and things continued to evolve for Magister Frost. He gained a new title: Dad. No Satanist can question the vast amount of attention and time that is given to the ongoing responsibility of parenthood. Running multiple companies, working full time and providing for a family quickly became more than one person could physically handle, even a techno-wizard like Magister Frost, so something had to be sacrificed. The CoS Emporium was closed, Evening Eclipse was shut down, and Satannet.com was left open but no longer maintained. Magister Frost threw himself into the responsibility of caring for his son and exerting all his powers to raise an outstanding young man over the next seven years.

The year is now 2019 and the Frost family is thriving! That outstanding boy is now almost 8 years old, and desperately seeking his independence. As children grow, they tend to not want the constant attention that they did when they were younger. So, with the extra time on his hands, Magister Frost feels the pull of the world he helped create… The Satanic Internet….

It is time to return, but with a fresh approach suited to the many rapid changes the online world has experienced. New and different people and groups have appeared to fill the void that was left when Magister Frost diverted his powers elsewhere.

This time around, the idea is to get back to our roots, make everything “Personal” again! Back in the day (around 1999), the first iteration of the Satannet Plaza had a section in it called SATANME, and it was built along the idea that we are our own gods, Satan is you, Satan is me … we define what Satan is, we live life as Satanists! Magister Frost wanted to capture this personal feeling again and give it to everyone. With this in mind, The Church of Satan Emporium was rebranded into SATANME. It is you, it is me, it is all of us individually!

SATANME will still offer the high-quality items you received from the CoS Emporium with the same premium, personal service that has always been offered to everyone. Open to all Church of Satan makers who would like to offer their works in one trusted, convenient place, SATANME will give you that personal feeling, your own god type of feeling!

So, I welcome you to the next generation, to SATANME!