Showcasing our Limited Edition Medallions

Released December 2019

Satanic Bible 50th Anniversary Medallion

Limited Number: 120 Medallions
Description: This was Satanme's first limited edition medallion. It was crafted shortly after we opened for business. The first 70 of these medallions were given away to the people who attended the Satanic Bible 50th Anniversary Event in Florida, hosted by Rev. Andy Howl. We attended the event and handed out the 70 Medallions in specially crafted gift bags. The remainder of the Medallions were sold online without the special gift bags.

Released All-Hallows-Eve 2021

All Hallows Eve CoS Design

Limited Number: 140 Medallions
Description: The second Limited Edition Medallion was a "Halloween" style Baphomet color combination that was designed by High Priest Peter Gilmore to celebrate All Hallows Eve and what it means for Satanists. Satanme released this Limited Edition on its website in October of 2021 and the entire edition sold out before December of that same year.

Released April 2022

High Priest Gilmore 20th Anniversary Medallion

Limited Number: 225 Medallions
Description: The third Limited Edition Medallion was a very special edition celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Peter H. Gilmore as High Priest of the Church of Satan. This color combination was a collaboration between HP Gilmore and Satanme to represent this amazing occasion. This was also the first Limited Edition Medallion to be sold in a commemorative display box along with a numbered collection card explaining the event. Satanme also released Limited Edition Banners, Flags, Desk Plaques, and Ritual Wall Plaques at the same time. All items were available until they sold out.

Released April 2023

High Priestess Nadramia 20th Anniversary Medallion

Limited Number: 220 Medallions
Description: The fourth Limited Edition Medallion was released to commemorate Peggy Nadramia's 20th Anniversary as High Priestess of the Church of Satan and her elevation to the title of Maga (well deserved I might add)! This medallion was code named the "Garden of Earthly Delights" to highly HP Nadramia's love of Gardening. Again, a color collaboration between HP Gilmore and Satanme, though this medallion features the most complex back side design we have done yet! This special medallion was also released with a commemorative display box and hand numbered collectors card detailing the event. Satanme also released limited edition banners and flags along side the medallion.

At the time of this writing, there are only 18 of the 220 medallions left before they sell out !!!

To Be Announced 2024

Name Yet To Be Announced

Limited Number: (TBA) Medallions
Description: The fifth Limited Edition Medallion is To Be Announced !!!