WE ARE SATANISTS by Blanche Barton (Pre-Order)


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Blanche Barton traces the roots of Anton LaVey’s notorious religion to ancient Epicureanism and Middle Eastern traditions, through the medieval alchemists and Romantic poets, flavored by the decadence of the Hellfire Clubs and the courts of Europe, intertwined through the fin de siècle diabolists to reveal how modern Satanists express and explore this thoroughly contemporary philosophy. You will meet healthcare workers, creative artists, VR developers, scientific innovators, teachers, military personnel, and business leaders who have boldly made their pacts with Satan, reaping considerable rewards. Through Barton’s intimate knowledge and extensive interviews with current Satanists, as well as her behind the black curtain access to the present High Priest and Priestess of the Church of Satan, this book provides an unprecedented glimpse into this shadowed, secretive world.

This comprehensive book, written from an insider’s perspective, traces the roots of the religion, the context in which modern Satanism developed, and how the Church of Satan has grown since LaVey’s death in 1997. Blanche Barton takes you on a first-person tour of the darkside, exploring the rituals, beliefs, and practices of Lucifer’s legions. With extensive original material from the founding days of LaVey’s Magic Circle, interviews with prominent adherents, scholarly reflections on contemporary Satanism, and a foreword by the current High Priest of the Church of Satan, Magus Peter H. Gilmore, this book is a uniquely intimate perspective on the world’s most notorious religion.

Contains previously unpublished photos and materials from the Church of Satan archives.

Approx Pages: 700
Size: 6" x 9" - Softcover

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