High Priest Peter H. Gilmore 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Medallion


This Special Edition Medallion commemorates two decades of Magus Peter H. Gilmore's leadership as High Priest of the Church of Satan. Devised in collaboration with Magus Gilmore, this piece features the colors matching the current Black House in Poughkeepsie, New York, along with the 1.75 inch diameter in which the Original Hell's Kitchen Production Medallions were designed in (Hell's Kitchen Productions was owned and operated by Magus Gilmore and Magistra Nadramia). The backside of the medallion features commemoration words and symbols that have personal significance for Magus Gilmore. This medallion truly encompasses the celebration of Magus Gilmore's 20 years as High Priest of the Church of Satan!

This Collectors Edition High Priest Anniversary Medallion is Limited to just 225 pieces! There is ONLY one production run and they will not be made again. This is truly a collectors item, similar to our Satanic Bible Anniversary Medallion from 2019 and the All Hallow's Eve Medallion from 2020. As with our other Limited Edition Medallions these will most likely sell out very quickly.

The Medallion comes with a Satanme Special Edition Numbered Collectors Card to authenticate your Medallion's number.

This Limited Edition Medallion is shipped in a premium black jewelry box for safe storage or display when it isn't being worn.

The Medallion is 1.75" in Diameter, designed in our Dual-Plating Technology (Black Nickel on the front and Silver Metal on the back).

We also offer an optional Stainless Steel Box, Rope, and Wheat Chains to wear with this Medallion in style!

We now feature an optional Protective Coating that can be applied to the medallion. This protects the finish from standard wear and for those with metal allergies, it allows you to wear the medallion without issues. The coating is a clear coat that does not change the look of the medallion -- Please allow an additional 24 hours processing time as the coating needs to cure before shipment.

Medallion is backed by a lifetime guarantee for any manufacturer's defects.

All orders are processed within 48 to 72 hours after the order is placed. If you select a Coating option please allow an additional 24 to 36 hours for curing time. There may be some order processing exceptions during holidays, please contact us with any questions.

All orders are subject to the availability of the product and will be delivered in 1-8 (USA) or 14-21 (International) business days from shipping confirmation.

You will receive an e-mail containing your Tracking Number once your package has been shipped from our U.S. Office. Visit My Orders to check the most up-to-date status of your order.

Remember that you can request a return or an exchange within 20 days from the date you received the package.

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