Coffin Medallion - Order of the Trapezoid


The unique dual-plated finish of this recreated medallion provides a mirror-like black nickel shine while the Order of the Trapezoid Sigil is plated in a polished silver finish. Crafted in the Cloisonné style with black enamel around the sigil. This medallion is inspired by the original design by Anton LaVey, created before the Church of Satan's formation. The coffin shape is essentially two trapezoids bumped bottom to bottom, it has proven to be an archetypal shape humans find intriguing, compelling and intimidating, hinting at unearthly menace, through which the hounds of Tindalos may be released. The Medallion was worn by Anton LaVey and selected members of the Order of the Trapezoid.

1.75" tall by 0.66" wide and 2.66mm thick

We also offer an optional Stainless Steel Box, Rope, and Wheat Chains to wear with this Medallion in style!

Due to the nature of the mirror finish on the front, this medallion can only be coated with our protective coating on the back side, which we are providing automatically on these medallions.

The Medallion is backed by a lifetime guarantee for any manufacturer's defects.

Composition - Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects cast from a mold with colored materials. Cloisonné enamel Medallions are worked on with enamel powder made into a paste, which then needs to be fired at high temperatures.

Care - Cloisonné Medallions are not meant to be worn next to the skin for long periods of time. The PH balance in your skin can affect the finish of the medallion. Do not soak or wear the medallion in water (no swimming or bathing) as the chemicals in the water can damage the finish. Do not use any type of chemical or abrasive cleaners on the medallion as they can damage the finish and/or the enamel. Use a very soft, lint-free cloth and plain water with mild soap to clean the medallion and dry it completely.

Protective Coating - We offer a Clear Poly coating specially designed for Cloisonne style jewelry to protect the medallion from the elements. It is a self-healing coating that also protects against small scratches and keeps the metal away from your skin if you have metal allergies. We highly recommend it!

If you plan on wearing the Medallions against your skin or for long periods of time, we recommend purchasing our Hell Forged Steel Medallions as they are made of Surgical Stainless Steel which is much more durable for everyday wear.

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